Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fionn Regan - Upstairs Dolans, 23/11/2008 Review

A very cold Sunday night saw myself back upstairs for what was billed as an all seated event. Before going upstairs my vision was several small chairs laid out giving the usual sitting room atmosphere even more of a warm feel to it. However we were greeted with several badly placed high stools and all the nice low chairs and tables were taken out. I was dying with a cold and looked like death warmed up , so that didn't really help. The support act arrived on stage and the local pint sized singer gave us some great songs from her own collection. Jen Ronan gave us some serious songs about past boyfriends with great lines such as I sent all his porno to his mother and I put his vinyl collection in the microwave. You can check her out here http://www.myspace.com/jennyronan, Another great homegrown talent. By this stage the bar area was getting nicely packed, then madness ensued people just started standing right up by the stage. I was lucky to still have a view of some sort. The blizzards had a all ages gig in the warehouse early in the day and I think that's the reason there was so many teenyboppers of sorts , I heard "Give us a taste of Heineken ,never tasted it before, wow its lovely!" The gig should have been organised for downstairs as it wasnt fair for people at the back or even have the right chairs set out. Fionn arrived out to a huge roar and the clearly intimated singer got the show straight on the road. The set was just amazing and weaved in and out from his debut album "The End of History" to his new album TBC. The new songs sound so amazing and really cant wait to get my hands on the studio versions. While the teenyboppers had to be ssshed throughout the show however the music was just amazing. The effortless Regan got into the crowd spirit and had many a heckling session between songs even heckling himself at times. He said that wicklow is renowned for hairdressers as the singer's hair was quite the item. The set ended with a beautiful rendition of Be Good Or Be Gone and the crowd willed him into two more new songs the latter turning into an off the cuff song about the crowds hecklers. The Wicklow man has serious talent and the poetry in his songs are amazing and just so simple but brilliant. The last album received a mercury prize nomination and on hearing most of the new album that night , this new album will be one to watch out for. If anyone out there has the set list please e-mail it to me, thanks

Fionn Regan- Put a Penny in the Slot (Upstairs Dolans) Hardly no visual due to the darkness but the sound is perfect


Anonymous said...

I assumed this gig was on in the warehouse until I turned up to find the place empty. I thought I had gotten my dates wrong but I saw a poster in the bar saying that the gig was upstairs. I have never seen upstairs as packed as it was for this gig. Luckily I found a spot just inside the door with a view (and a seat!) just before Fionn went onstage.

The last time I saw Fionn in Dolans he was in the warehouse and there was a big crowd, so much so that the gallery upstairs was open, so I can't understand why they put him upstairs on Sunday. I do recall that the crowd on that night was quite young too, however I was surprised at the amount of general chit chat and noise on Sunday as usually you could hear a pin drop at one of Fionn's gigs.

Apart from that, I enjoyed the gig and the new songs sounded good - I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the new album!

topcoat said...

Hes cool with mens suits.. that black mens suits i mean.