Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ryan Adams Live Ambassdor Theatre, Dublin 08/11/2008 Review

Arriving in Dublin Saturday was like arriving into the center of a Gail force storm. Found myself a warm pub adjoining the ambassador, away from the elements. Watched my home town host a training game for Ireland against Canada as they hockeyed them 55 nil. It was so inspiring to see local man Keith Earls have such a brilliant game, his first touch gaining the young man his first international try. After a nice warm up of pints, we were ready to brave the rain to the ambassador. Inside we were greeted by an oval time warp and it just brings you back to old time dance halls and cinemas. A t-shirt and beer later, I found myself at the front gazing at the impressive stage props. Two huge neon Cardinal Roses and a drum kit area that would make Keith Moon excited beyond belief. The Cardinal Peace Bird rising above the set, holding in its wake an oversized Gong. Also among the many amps was a novelty over-sized amp with working lights, quite the sight. Ryan arrived out accompanied by his friends the cardinals, No support act which provides for over two hours of cardinal bliss. Unlike last years Dublin show Ryan seems quiet and not talkative instead opting to express myself through extended amazing guitar solo jams and flawless music. I thank you Ryan for that. No diet coke, no talk of spiders and no ramblings were heard from him just pure and utter music. That’s what we came here for and that’s what we went home with. Ten songs from their new album may have made the casual fan annoyed with their moneys worth but who can argue with a 27 song bonanza. Which included two from Neal Casals pocket and a delightful cover of Oasis Wonderwall. My highlight was “Off Broadway” and I have a video of it below. This cements the fact that this band are just in a perfect time and place right now. The comfort factor between them is so visible and they are really enjoying it and that’s exactly what you feel when you hear their new album “Cardiology”. It oozes this tight knit band feeling and warmth of comfort in their music; they can produce any song on Ryan’s back catalogue live with just an unreal intensity. The cardinals have brought Ryan back in love with music and back in love with some old songs and that’s why gold and heartbreaker songs are seeping back into the limelight. To hear “La Cienega Just Smiled” live was just so amazing and unforgettable. The amount of times the hair stood on the back of my neck that night was countless. The difference between this gig and the gig in Dublin last November is amazing(Review of that gig here http://indielimerick.blogspot.com/2007/11/ryan-adams-national-stadium-dublin-28th.html), it’s like they are a different band, and they look fresh and sound it. This band is one of the best live bands in the world today and it’s a must that you see them while they are this electric. The transformation from the studio to live is staggering and leaves everyone there just gasping for more. The bootleg in the post below
must be downloaded and checked out, the quality of the music and recording are astounding. Met some Ryan Adams Archive members at the gig and it was nice to put a face to a name. Cheers for a great night, see ya next November hopefully. Looks like we might have a new album on tow very soon from the ever working Adams and crew. Check this out posted this week on their blog: “Neal and i and brad sat around last night and kind of tried to remember what should be on the work-list- which helped me greatly- we have enough for a new album already but it is Neal who spiritually guides us (me) to keep that process calm, let things grow at their own rate, as he has pointed out “our songs only ever get better as we play them” “ Also a rumor of a bigger euro show is to happen in the spring maybe a change of city this time, hopefully cork. Either way ill be there, Looks like its back to listening to old live recording til then. Setlist: Cobwebs Everybody Knows Born into a Light Please Do Not Let Me Go Fix It Natural Ghost Goodnight Rose Off Broadway (Video Below) Wonderwall I Taught Myself How to Grow Old (Video Below) Sun Also Sets Come Pick Me Up Grand Island (Neal singing) Go Easy Sink Ships Crossed Out Name Whe the Stars Go Blue Let it Ride Desire Evergreen Cold Roses Encore Freeway to the Canyon (Neal) Like Yesterday La Cienega Just Smiled (Video Below) Stop Two I See Monsters Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Off Broadway (My own Vid)
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - I Taught Myself How To Grow Old Ryan Adams - La Cienega Just Smiled


Maeve said...

It really was such a wonderful gig! Found your blog from your youtube video page - cheers for the upload. He is just so supremely talented, I still can't take it all in!

Will be downloading that boot at the weekend, as soon as I get off my work computer!! :)

IndieLimerick said...

Thanks Maeve and your welcome, the recording of the gig is just unreal well worth the download, enjoy, nice blog yourself

Anonymous said...

Seen then in Edinburgh on Friday night. The Picture House venue wasn't the biggest, but the sound was stunning.

Really pleased I have found your blog as I can download the bootleg and stick it on the old ipod!


topcoat said...

I did not hear this news before their concert. how is that happened?