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Coors Light Peak - Limerick Review - 19/09/2009

Last Saturday evening the desolate docklands of Limerick were transformed into a vibrant musical venue. The dockyard, which sits in the shadow of the Clarion Hotel, hosts stacks of huge metal shipping containers and faces out onto the River Shannon and was opened up to Limerick’s public for one night of music - the first instalment of Coors Light Peak events. These events are taking place across 6 Irish cities in their ports and docklands. Tickets are free of charge through their website Firstly, the venue really was amazing, with every little detail looked after. Coors Light really utilised the raw materials in the space well, with an industrial-looking stage framed by a huge metal outline of the Rockies and projections of the mountains and later close-ups of the artists on metal shipping containers. Even the bar was housed in a shipping container! A lot of time an effort went into this and it was very well-run production. The space, with its juxtaposition of metal and concrete and the fresh breeze of the Shannon, and a prime location (down the road from Dolans, five minutes from town) created a unique atmosphere and should definitely be used for gigs in the future. Perhaps even an annual event – one can only hope!
Gates opened at 6 and at 6.20 saw local Limerick band ‘Walter Mitty & the Realists’ take to the stage. I had seen the band support ‘Dirty Pretty Things’ in Dolans a while back and have unfortunately missed a number of their local shows since. The difference in the two performances was astounding. The maturity and crispness of the sound has really developed. In that time, the lads have done extensive touring including Indie Week in Canada, which really shows as they were really tight. This month saw the release of their much anticipated debut album “Green Light Go”, produced by the Cranberries drummer Fergal Lawler. It’s a definite must-have!! The lads put on a great show; it was just unfortunate that the crowd was so small. The energy they create on stage is incredible: nothing is held back. With a diverse catalogue of sounds, stick-in –your-head riffs and energy to rival many seasoned acts, they really impressed. I didn’t get a chance to get their set list as they were playing off-the-cuff, (another sign of a band to whom playing live is so natural). The guys play the next instalment of the Green & Live sessions in Dolans on the 24th of September (Free Gig), get your copy of their album and get your ass down there.
Next up were Dark Room Notes. Fresh from their Electric Picnic performance the Dublin act put on a great show, although to a disappointing number of patrons. However this did not diminish the band’s performance as they gave it socks! They created a great sound which fuses the best elements of indie, electronic, and well-crafted pop and essentially makes you want to dance! Playing a short, but brilliant 6 song set, all of which came from their fantastic debut album “We Love You Dark Matter“ - another Irish album well worth investing in. It was great to witness their electronic pop brilliance live. A great gig! Dark Room Notes Set-List: Broken Nail Shake Shake My Ceiling Love Like Nicotine This Hot Heat Treetops Lets Light Fires
Next up was the one-man-band Jeremy Hickey under the pseudonym of R.S.A.G(Rarely Seen Above Ground). I have been meaning to catch him live for awhile now and it was worth the wait. The components that combine to make R.S.A.G are essentially a guy on stage singing and playing the drums, whilst projected images of pre-recorded guitar and bass flash on screen. What you get however is so much more than that. Whatever about the impressive ability one must have to play all these instruments to such a level and with such intensity, it is the impact of the overall experience which is most memorable. With the layers of sound and visuals streaming from the stage, it’s a powerful sensory experience. It’s amazing the sound one guy can make, and shows real innovation. It’s hard not to make comparisons to Talking Heads with a twist and Ian Curtis-like vocals. One of his songs included the introduction of a Gas Cylinder being used as a drum. The visuals behind the drum kit were spectacular and kept the crowd enthralled throughout. On the videos below you can experience the great performance put in by the Kilkenny man. His debut album, ‘Organic Sampler’ will undoubtedly remain high on ‘Best of Irish’ lists and again is another one worth forking out for, already nominated for a Choice award at the start of the year. A super set - R.S.A.G will be playing all the Coors light peak shows, so get your free tickets now. R.S.A.G Set-list: Be it Right or Wrong Stick to your Line Talk Back Crawl Back Its Over Bad Seed The Climb Moon Moving the Ocean Before They Make you Run
Last up was Reverend & the Makers, I had the pleasure of meeting the brains behind this band back stage in the form of Jon McClure (The Reverend). His presence in a room is quite something, towering over everyone like a giant. He spoke of how he loves to play gigs in Ireland and his fondness for Limerick. As this would be his second gig here this year. As he clambers up the steps to the stage you can hear the crowd roar as he tears into his 14 strong song set. Highlights include crowd favourite “Heavyweight Champion” and “Silence is Talking”. If you research the lead singer you will find a wealth of side projects, such as collaborations with various members of the Arctic Monkeys and so on. The guy is a work horse when it comes to making music and his current effort is the 2009 album “A French Kiss in the Chaos”, its a must have for any music collection. His images of ordinary life are amazingly poetic and this combined with his Sheffield accent is quite unique and brilliant. The band seems to be cropping up everywhere on the gigging calendar of late and are really hard at work. The reverend put in an awesome performance to close out the first of the coors light peak events in Limerick. Such a fantastic idea and hopefully ill get myself to one or two more before the year is out. The next one up is Galway on the 3rd of October featuring Jape, The Flaws and R.S.A.G, Get your tickets quick! Cheers for a great day of music. Reverend & the Makers Set-list: Silence is Talking State of Things Miss Brown Heavyweight Champion Manifesto Mermaids No Wood Open Your Window Professor Pickles Bandits Hard Times He Said He Loved Me Encore: The Machine Armchair Detective Coors Light Peak Photo Slideshow
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