Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Okkervil River Live at the Roisin Dubh, Galway - 07/08/2009

I was unable to make the trip to Electric picnic this year and by the sounds of it I missed out big time. One particular band were playing there over the weekend called Okkervil River. They decided to stay in Ireland awhile longer and set a date for the Roisin Dubh in Galway, their only date in Ireland other than the picnic. The price tag was a mere 16 yoyos so I took the trip from limerick, the texan band have been on the scene now for 11 years along the way they have recorded 5 albums and various EPs and sideprojects. The band have had personnel changes throughout their career but tonight saw a six piece take to the stage gig weathered and ready to shake up the place on a cold windy wet Monday night. First to the stage were support band “Dawn Landes”. I’m convinced if Ryan Adams was born a woman, he would sound something akin to this beautifully quirky singer. The played a half hour set of 9 amazing songs which included " Southern Accents" a Tom Petty cover. The set drew mainly from her new album that was just out that day called “Sweet Heart Rodeo”. I happily got a copy and the gig and I have a feeling it will be hard to put down. She was joined on stage by a bass/electric guitar player and a drummer that was full of energy. Some songs featured back tracks of almost aboriginal beats and just blew the house down. She commented that she had way to many pints of Guinness already today and was visible having a great time. She said her first gig out of the US was in Ireland and she had fallen in love with the place. On researching her as see she is married to a singer songer close to our hearts “Josh Ritter”. This girl is one to check out! http://www.myspace.com/dawnlandes
Dawn Landes Set : Wandering Eye Sweet Hear Rodeo Money in the Bank Twilight Southern Accents (Tom Petty Cover) Picture Show Young Girl Bodyguard Kids in a Play Next up were Okkervil river, 5 guys and a girl took to the stage as the Roisin Dubh was seeing more and more wind swept people flood through the doors. I kinda calm late in listening to this band but when I heard their album “Black Sheep Boy” for the first time I was hooked and continued to collect all their stuff. Their sound is amazing and couldn't wait to hear all of this transcend into the live arena. The band were visible festival worn as if you looked closely enough they were still bearing the muck scars of electric picnic. Lead singer Will Sheff got straight down to business playing “Plus Ones” from their 2007 album “Stage Names” , The set was amazing, Included such favourites as “Lost Coastlines” , “Pop Lie” , “Our Live is not a Movie or Maybe” and the mellow “A Stone”. Will’s voice was deteriorating as the songs went on but who could give out about that, They just rocked the Picnic and now were still chugging on to bring us a set on the Monday after, not many band would be able to pull this off. Requests for a whiskey neat to help the throat, were met with several fans handing drinks to the band. The collective live sound was amazing; the percussion of extra drums and trumpet were adding something special to the sound. The girl electric guitar player “Lauren Gurgiolo” was quite amazingly talented in her field. Playing the guitar almost like a piano in some songs and playing a host of different electrics throughout the night. The band turned their back to the crowd before the last song for a few minutes calming that this was their walking off stage part and encore due to the Roisin Dubh not having an easy walk off and on facilitates. They turned to play a rip roaring song "Westfall" taken fro their 2002 debut album "Dont fall in love with everyone you see", before heading off into the wet and windy night. A truly great night of music and if you haven’t heard these guys a truly recommend their latest album “The stand ins”.
Okkervil River Set List: Plus Ones Singer Songwriter A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene The Lastest Toughs
A Girl in Port Pop Lies A Stone John Allyn Smith Sail For Real Lost Coastlines Live is not a Movie or Maybe Unless It’s Kicks Encore : Westfall All my own Videos, The Visuals arent great due to the lighting but the sound is great, enjoy!


Ronan said...

Sounds fantastic. I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

The Tom Petty song is called "Southern Accents" from the album of the same name, it was covered by Johnny Cash during the American recordings too. Great gig alright.

IndieLimerick said...

Hey thanks for the song name, What was the film she was recommending leading into that song?

Anonymous said...

Okkervil River's debut is actually from 1998 and it's called, "Stars too Small to Use." More like a very ramshackle ep but it's what got them into their first big(ish) show. Just pointing it out cause the band has been around a lot longer than people think, and up against their contemporaries, arcade fire, the decemberists, etc, they're much better.

IndieLimerick said...

Knew they were around since 1998 hence
"the texan band have been on the scene now for 11 years"

Well the song is still taken from their debut album
""Westfall" taken from their 2002 debut album"

imbreena said...

hi, I m the italian girl that was between you and the fat american jumping boy..great gig!

Unknown said...

The film she was referring to, iirc, was either the Aristocrats or Coffee and Cigerettes.

Anonymous said...

was trying to find out what year i saw them play and found this post. got the date, the set list and you write up. thanks!
yes i know, its 12 years later, but the blog is still assisting and informing people!