Monday, October 5, 2009

Coors Light Peak - Galway Review (03/10/2009)

After a fantastic Coors Light Peak Event in Limerick (Review Here: Limerick Event ) The Coors team were now settled in the city of the tribes. Once again they had found an ideal area of the docklands this time on Nimmo’s Pier. I unfortunately missed out on “The Flaws” due to a certain Magners League match that I no longer want to talk about. The area was set up slightly different to limerick as this time they had a second stage set up and they had lovely Flame lit torches adoring the entrance and the stage looked much bigger.
When I arrived (Late) the second smaller stage nearer the bar was in full swing and it was non-other than local Galway band disconnect 4. These guys are incredible hard working band and seem to be at every live event that happens in Galway. The actual were at the gig I was at the night previous because they had given a loan of their equipment to Oliver Cole for his gig. Tonight saw them using this equipment to blast out songs to a really packed docklands. The songs they were playing mainly came from their latest EP “Modern Love”. Its hard not to make similarities to other bands throughout their set, such as the Cure, Bravery,The Killers but I guess this is were they drew their sound and look from. The band are a great superb live act and look forward to hearing their live again and hearing their upcoming album.
Next up was the one-man-band Jeremy Hickey under the pseudonym of R.S.A.G(Rarely Seen Above Ground). Having seen the guy play the last Peak even it kinda is hard to write a review without saying all the same things. Tonight saw him play a very similar set and the sound was again fantastic. The crowd was much bigger for galway and they truly enjoyed his performance. The visuals once again were top notch, If you want to find out more info check out my review of his set at the limerick even here :
As Jape set up for the last of the nights acts , drummers played upon the metal containers surrounded the docklands area. I thought this was a great touch by the Coors Light people, You can see as the events go on , they are improving it ever so lightly. Jape got straight down to business and had the crowd in a frenzy before you knew it. Admittedly the limerick gig the week previous (Review Here : was much better, but I think that’s because some of the energy was lost in the night air and the vastness of the area in galway count not contain the Jape madness. Having said that the set was still amazing and Jape live is just a sight to behold. He told us he is to be Married this Friday and we would like to send out our best wishes to him and his bride to be for the special day, I wonder what band they have booked for the day :) The crowd were in great spirits despite the cold, there was many a crowd surf and people on shoulders. Like limerick for Jape’s song “StreetWise” he accompanied by a fan for the chorus, this time it was a guy by the name of “Milo”. He really had some great moves and was very entertaining to watch his excitement singing with Richie. The video’s below are all a bit shite due to the closeness of the speakers but worth the watch anyway. The set ended with the backing track of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” with the word love being replaced and sung as Fuck by both Richie and the crowd. This saw another end to a fantastic Coors light peak event. If you can get yourself to one log onto to their website and apply for tickets. The event is free and I guarantee a fantastic night of music. Next event is on in Waterford on the 27th of October. No bands are listed yet but keep checking here : Thanks for a great night Coors! Jape Video Playlist

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