Saturday, October 10, 2009

Editors Live at Dolans 09-10-2009 REVIEW

Friday would see yet another high profile band descend on the warehouse in limerick. Dolans have been showcasing serious talent to the limerick people over the year so far but none would match the intensity of this gig tonight. I arrived early and by chance met the Editors front man Tom Smith happily watching re-runs of “The Wire” on his laptop. He seems like a really nice guy and I welcomed him to limerick and wished him the best of luck tonight with the gig. Not that he needed it. I had a sneak peak into the warehouse, The editors sound desk and lightning controls were down on the main floor, A massive set up that couldn't even fit up the stairs where most bands have the rig set up. Dolans Bar area however was heaving with people early on and as the doors opened the support act got straight down to business.
The band were “Wintersleep”, This Canadian outfit have been around now for 8 years, in those years they have produced 3 albums and have had a serious gig playing career which includes the likes of supporting Paul McCartney, They also were awarded the Juno Award for New Group of the Year in 2008. It’s clear on stage tonight the wealth of experience these guys have as their sound is extremely polished and they are incredibly at ease of being on stage. They play a short but brilliant energetic set of 7 songs. The lead singer Paul Murphy’s voice is akin to Interpol like sounds and the drummer looks like a crazed man when in full flight. The band are clearly brilliant live, giving ever ounce of felling and energy. I got a chance to pick up their 2008 album “Welcome to the night Sky”, Ill look forward to hearing more from this band. Wintersleep Setlist: Drunk Archaeologist Experience Weighty Ghost Murderer Oblivion Black Camera Editors arrived out on stage to a heaving dolans crowd, there were people everywhere for this eagerly anticipated show. I have had tickets in my procession since the start of June and it sold out within minutes. Having worn out playing the bands debut album “The Back Room” several times it was incredibly exciting to be witnessing these songs live in your home town alongside 400 odd people. Limerick is clearly on the gig map for bands nowadays and long may it stay that way, it was nice to purchase a tour t-shirt to see Limerick in amongst the vast amount of cites these guys will play over the next few months. The crowd throughout the gig didn’t stop dancing and the hands never stopped clapping. The gig was biting at the heels of all the gigs I have witnessed this year to be the top dog. The energy from both the crowd and band were so intense. The lead singer seems almost possessed by his own creations and completely embodies every note and beat being played. The band is visibly happy interacting with the exited crowd as Tom repeatedly says it’s good to be back in Ireland. The guys just released there third album of there 7 year stint as the Editors last week. This album is completely different to the previous two albums as they opt for a more electronic feel to their indie joy division sound. At first I wasn’t sure this was working but hearing it come alive on stage, it all makes sense. Listening to the album now gives a completely different perspective on the sound and these guys have got it all right. “In This Light and on this evening” will finish high on peoples top albums of the year list, Live is still what this band does best and the music just transports you into this brilliant place. The night was just amazing and it’s hard to describe all this energy in text, the videos below give a little insight into this magnificent night of music. It will be hard to top a gig like it. Congrats to Dolans for reeling in these guys and thanks to both bands for an awesome night! Editors Setlist: In This Light and On This Evening Bullets (Video Below) An End Has A Start You Don't Know Love All Sparks Like Treasure Bones (Video Below) The Racing Rats Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool The Big Exit Lights You Are Fading Camera Smokers (Video Below) Bricks And Mortar Encore: Walk The Fleet Road Munich (Video Below) Papillon (Video Below) Fingers In The Factories Editors Video Playlist of 5 Videos


Anonymous said...

Very disappointing review. Didnt say enough about the gig at all in my opinion.

IndieLimerick said...

Sorry you were disappointed, As i said in the review it was very hard to transform the experience into text. Would love to hear your review if you want to comment here , Cheers