Friday, December 10, 2010

Jagermeister Freezer Sessions, Dolans Review 09/12/2010

4 great bands lined out last night in dolans for a very late night of booze and music, It was billed as an 8 o'clock sharp start but muggins here went early got grub & drinks(Great food in dolans as always), It seems there was a booking issue or a mix up of somewhat so bands wouldn't start until 10 bells. More drinks went by and so did the time in the upstairs area with a great DJ, 10.40 last days of death country arrived out on stage and played six tunes to now a packed warehouse. Im ashamed to admit it was my first time seeing these locals lads live after missing them on numerious ocasions. They pack a great live punch and are worth while checking out, check them out here . The freezer sessions are a great idea and a great way to see snippets of bands, next up were the Flaws, Once again never got to see these guys live after missing them twice before in dolans and being an avid fan of their debut album "Achieving Vagueness". It was great to see them live and hoping to hear a new album soon, Keep an eye on them here Another local band then took to the stage by the name of "Windings", Saw these guys supporting The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra back in September in dolans (Review here). They are currently giving their debut album away for free for all of December, Its well worth checking it out and the link is here , They also have their brand new album "Its never Night" for sale too. Last up were the excellent O Emperor, I have witnessed them twice before (Review here and here), They are fantastic live and have made one amazing album this year entitled "Hither Thither", I expect it will make a few top ten lists including my own. Its a great record from a great bunch of lads, Check them out here and try and catch them live at some stage if you can. A great night of music despite the event going way over schedule, with the last band finishing up around 2.10. Cheers to Jagermeister and dolans for a great night, Not to the former for the next day hangover though :) Last Days of Death Country The Flaws Windings O Emperor

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