Saturday, December 18, 2010

Villagers live at St.Johns Church 17/12/2010 Review

TEXT VIDEOS & PICS TO FOLLOW That Day (Solo) Cecelia (Solo) To Be Counted (2 Piece) Ritual On a Sunlight Stage Set the Tigers Free Home I Saw Dead The Bell Jackal The Pact Ship of Promises (Solo) ENCORE: New Found Land (Solo) Memoir (Solo) Pieces


Anonymous said...

Seemed like a cool enough venue- pity about all the limerick 'scenesters' who spent the whole gig talking. Sorry but I didn't spend four hours driving in the snow from Cork City to listen to your conversation. Conor's voice sounded amazing with the acoustics of the church! Loved the fact he played songs I hadn't heard in ages!

Suit Size said...

Cool Enough to impress me..