Monday, September 26, 2011

Jape , Live at Dolans, Limerick 24/09/2011 Review

Jape was the last on the bill for a four night in a row gig extravaganza put on by Dolans. This one was billed for Dolans rather than their other gig home "The Big Top". The Jape gig was moved from the warehouse to upstairs late in the day due to a Nirvana's Nervermind 20th anniversary gig put on by various local bands. The Nevermind album would be played in its entirety to a larger audience tonight. Jape later quipped that its the first time he has been moved to a smaller venue thanks to a covers band.
A small crowd had gathered upstairs to witness Richie Egan, The amount of gigs over the last few days obviously impacting on numbers but the Dubliner didn't seem to mind. The opening act was that of "Goodtime", Which later turned out to be two quarters of Japes backing band. They started out the evening with some funky tunes and led nicely onto the main act.
The intimate venue and small crowd would not be your typical Jape venue/show as the music is suited to hundreds of people dancing like crazies. Instead here we were sitting at tables with candlelight, prime for an acoustic singer songwriter night however this didn't phase the main man and he got straight down to business. He started off with a few new numbers which will feature in the highly anticipated follow up to "Ritual". The new album "Ocean of Frequency" is due out this Friday and I for one am looking forward to getting my hands on it. Speaking to Richie afterwards he says the new record is more mellow than ritual but is very happy with the outcome and is looking forward to its release. He is in a giddy mood tonight and its really fun to watch him improvise on songs he has been playing live a long time. At one point there is a problem with one of the bands mics and he makes up a crazy tune on the spot and has the audience singing back the lyrics. It was a great night and as always a Jape gig lives up to its name.
Go get the new album this Friday and keep an eye on his movements HERE

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