Monday, September 26, 2011

The Stunning, Live at the Big Top, Limerick 23/09/2011 Review

The Stunning was the last gig for the Big Top in limerick after 2 nights of great music under the canopy.
It was my first time to see the stunning live as I had only witnessed "The Walls" (lead signer and guitarists new band after the stunning spilt in '94) on one occasion before. The band had some major songs and two No.1 albums under their belt before I was even gig going age so I never had a huge affinity with the band unlike the throngs of people all in that age bracket taking up spots at the front of the stage tonight.
The support acts came in the guise of Hermitage Green and Eoin Coughlan. Hermitage Green arrived on stage to a poor attendance but it was a bit too early with people trying to get home from work and get ready on a Friday. If you are from Limerick you would have heard of Hermitage Green by now as they are a very hard working band playing pub gigs most nights of the week around the city. The band is made up of Munster rugby legend Barry Murphy, Brother Dan, Darragh Graham, Darragh Griffin & when not playing for Munster/Ireland or not injured Felix Jones. I have caught them live on a few occasions and they are a great live act. Mixing covers and originals into their set, These guys are extremely talented. They played a few originals tonight and they hope to bring out some stuff over the coming months. They will be one to watch out for I'm sure! Keep an eye on them HERE
Eoin Coughlan then arrived on stage as the crowd were just getting that bit bigger, The singer songwriter played a small set warming up the crowd before the main act.
The Stunning headed out on stage and rattled through a large set of nineteen songs. They played some walls numbers and covers including Johnny Cash's Jackson into the mix of Stunning classics. I had press passes for the night and got to watch the gig from high up on the balcony. Its a great spot for people watching and its was funny to see all the parent types reliving their youth, dancing like loons. I must say one of the highlights was watching the dancing antics of one of the workers from the Adare Farm Shop sons. The young lad was really giving it his all!! Also kudos to the girl sporting a woolen Bert hat from Bert and Ernie. 
The Stunning remarked on one of the tracks being originally recorded in Limerick thanks to Xeric Records, They were glad to be back in Limerick and paid homage to the great new venue.
They put on a great show and ended a great week of gigs with the classic Brewing up a Storm. Cheers to Dolans for a great week and I look forward to more gigs down in the Big Top.

Got to Get Away
Girl with the Curl
The Hurt Inside
Everything That Rises
Half Past Two
December Sky
Town For Sale
Rusty Old River
She's on my Mind
This Happy Girl
Summer in the City
Romeo's on Fire

Carrying the Fire
Brewing up a Storm

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