Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Protobaby , Traditions Launch Night, Dolans 18/11/2011 Review

The limerick band Protobaby brought a huge crowd to dolans to showcase their new single "Traditions", The first from their eagerly anticipated debut album "The Spark" due out sometime in the new year.

We were treated first to some great support acts in the form of the crazy but wonderful Mustang Hobo. Lead singer complete with duck outfit and homegrown tunes about life and superheroes.

Next up were an another local band called Killing Streets , The three piece played a nice set and I am looking forward to checking these guys out very soon again. They have some super demos up on their breaking tunes site, so be sure to drop be and say hi.

Last up before the main act was dREA, Been meaning to see Damien Drea live for ages now and thankfully got to see it on stage tonight. The ex-Vesta Varro frontman played a fantastic set with a huge range of sound throughout. dREA features on the new reindeer age album with a new track called X-Ray Machine and he clearly has a huge bundle of songs to release, looking forward to hearing them on cd soon. Highlight of the set was "What You Do To Me" with the brilliant inclusion of a Kate Bush sample at the end, Video Below.
dREA Set:
Still Swimming
Through The Wire
What You Do To Me

Next up on the late night bill were Protobaby, They featured some new songs in the set that will feature on the 2011 debut "The Spark" which sound excellent. The 11 strong set kept the warehouse alive. Yet another great live gig from the lads. Looking forward to the album launch next year, The lads play this Saturday night in Dolans to launch the new reindeer age album. Check them out if you around.
Cheers for a great night!
Protobaby Set:
Slight Obsession
Nobody Knows
Only A Spark
Hollow Minds
State of Affairs
This Might End?

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