Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bellx1 Live at The Big Top, Limerick 02/12/2011 Review

Another super night in what now is Limerick's best music venue. When an outside tent is that full on one of the coldest and wettest nights, it's a testament to the talent on show.
Jape played a energetic short set as the drowned locals started to pour in. Jape play Bourkes bar at the end of the month on the 22nd, which I'm sure will be a cracking night.

Bellx1 played to a packed tent and as always delivered a great live show including crowd-pleasing snippets of the rubberbandits Horse Outside and a Talking Heads sample. The talented five-piece, who are riding high on their new release "Bloodless Coup", said it was their biggest ever gig in Limerick and seemed genuinely appreciative of the crowd who had turned out to see them. The set was a pleasing mixed bag of the usual crowd favourites and some oldies thrown in. I was delighted to hear them play "Tongue" and some of the new material which got an outing. Great night of music and always a pleasure to witness them live. Cheers.

Set List:
Anna Lena
Bad Skin
First born
4 min mile
Built to Last
How your heart is wired
See Your Heart
Sugar High

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Grayson said...

Fairly Brilliant Gig alright! I kinda wish I had taken some pictures!