Monday, December 5, 2011

The New Reindeer Age Launch Night, Dolans 03/12/2011 Review

Moscow Metro
The New Reindeer Age was finally launched on Saturday to a packed upstairs in Dolans. After a few months of planning this album, all the hard work paid off on Saturday and everything went according to plan.
Seven amazing acts gave their time to play a super night of music for the worthy cause that is the Learning Hub Limerick.

Keith Forde
A quote from the sleeve notes on the original 1990 Reindeer age album stated :
The Reindeer Age: Is a product of goodwill and friendliness which exists between Limerick bands.
21 years on and this is still true today as ever, Its was great to see all the band that were not playing on the night show up to support it. Would really like to thank all the people who made their way down to dolans to witness the event and ultimately buy an album for charity. We sold a great number of the albums on the night which only cost €10 for 22 tracks of limericks finest bands.
Dead Red Light
The 500 limited album will now be available in various places around the city and this week I will be distributing them. Currently Limerick Self Storage and The Learning Hub have copies for sale, Keep an eye on the facebook page and updates page on the blog for more venues selling it.
Below are a few videos from the launch night in Dolans

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