Friday, April 3, 2009

The Blizzards Live At UL Rag Week 02/04/2009

Having infiltrated last years UL rag week to see Future Kings of Spain [Review on left sidebar] I thought to myself this year shall be no different. The 2009 Rag week has been in full swing for a week now, having seen off the likes of Fred at the start of the week and several tribute bands along the way. I would have loved to witness Fred but I only heard of their presence a day late. I saw fred a few weeks back and the review is on the left sidebar and will be checking the guys out next Wednesday as they play Dolans, well worth checking out if you can.
Anyways last night saw the blizzards headlining the last piss up on the rag week calendar and this non student and non UL student was there to witness all the madness. I must admit I am not the biggest blizzards fan, I don’t own any of their music but I do enjoy their radio play now and then. They have just won the best live performance prize at the meteors and this morning being named 44th in the “top 50 Best Irish acts right now” according to the Irish Times
[Check out the full list here]. Over 2,500 thousands students were strewn around the campus to witness these lads and their mass appeal is amazing. The UL courtyard had a very impressive stage set up for this years events. I missed all the other support acts except the “Dirty Epics” (Pictured Above). The girl lead vocals of SJ Wai are very powerful and they are a great band to watch. I would urge you to check them out live at some stage, check out their myspace [link below]. They have rallied the crowd and now they are ready for the late arriving Blizzards.
The ever gigging blizzards would be able to play a gig like this in their sleep at this stage, they are so comfortable playing their songs and engaging with the crowd, The security at the gig was a bit heavy handed to be honest throwing out at least 15 to 20 people for little or nothing [normal pit activities]. I witnessed a guy getting horsed out by seven bouncers at one stage; it all looked a bit comical. The students knew the blizzards material inside out and the pint spilling was at an all time high during their radio classics. The place was buzzing and I must admit they sounded great and I can see their attraction. Several Bras and knickers were thrown in their direction! They included a Specials cover in their set which I was really impressed with. The stage was great, the atmosphere was great and the band was great, kudos to the UL Events team. When will their songs stop playing in my head is the next question? If anyone would like to add to this or post a picture/video be sure to comment, Cheers! P.S. Maybe next year ill be getting too old for all of this, maybe I was this year Set List: But It Sell It Miss Fantasia Silence Is Violence Dangerous Bitches Culture Clash Domino Effect Trust Me Modern Medicine Gangsters (The Specials Cover) Sam Sparro The Reason Fantasy Trouble Encore: Postcards Superdrug Check out both bands here :

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