Thursday, April 30, 2009

Morrissey Live at Leisureland, Galway 29/04/2009 REVIEW

We were greeted by a chlorine scented old hotel function room thanks to an adjoining pool, The speakers were booming with a low toned man reciting poetry and it felt like I had stumble across an under ground meeting of some crazy Moz cult. Quiffs, Worn Smiths T-shirts, turned up jeans and Doc Martins seemed to be the order of the day. All manner of character was entering this ball room tonight. The support act went by the name of “Doll & the Kicks”, they boosted a lead singer with incredible energy and a voice that could shatter glass if needs be. Blondie and Yeah Yeah Yeahs influenced I am sure. They played a small but enjoyable set with some great dance along catchy songs. I am guessing this isn’t the last time we will hear the name Doll & the Kicks. Check them out here: A white sheet had videos projected on it as the crowd grew anxious for Morrisseys arrival on stage. The videos ranged from The Sparks video for their song “Lighten Up, Morrissey" to Video performances of Shirley Bassey and the New York Dolls not together of coarse :) The Shocking Blues Video for "Mighty Joe". Eventually the white curtain fell to reveal the bands set up with a huge background image of a sailor flexing his muscles while smoking a very large cigar. All very Morrissey so far.

Morrissey arrived on stage in a dinner/suit jacket complete with Tie and shirt and said “How are things in Connemara?” and got straight into business with “This Charming Man”, the start of the set was incredible and he just played one great song after another. With 7 cancelled shows on the US tour I was worried what to expect but it was clear tonight he was giving us our moneys worth. He played a stormer in Killarney the night previous to start off the European leg of the tour of refusal and we were in for a similar treat. About six songs in the jacket was gone, the tie was gone and also the shirt had be tossed into the crowd. He returned in a black shirt while some of the crowd still wrestled to get their hands on the abandoned shirt like pigeons fighting over bread. He seemed to be in great form and seeing him for the first time live was amazing. His voice is so effortless and his presence on stage is quite incredible. His songs truly come to life when played live. He spoke to us a few times throughout the set, such things as "I am nothing, I know Nothing, I am nothing","This is not bad as Wednesday nights go","Hope to see ye all in confession and don't forget to mention my name", "We are playing in Omagh and id say we going to get our heads kicked in by then", He gave the mic to a women in the crowd who mentioned about rubbing oil on his chest or something along those line, Moz then just wiped her spit off the mic to great laughter. He also gave out about the local HMV not willing to stock his lastest single.

The sound was flawless all night. The band are just so good together, I can count only one fault and that was a false start due to a drum stick being broken, if you can knit pick like that it just shows how good this band are together. Hell there even all dressed the same! Its like one big family. My favourite song of the night was “Ask” and the encore of “The First of the Gang to Die” was superb. The gig was amazing and I can now tick off another on my list of bands I must see before I die. I will be seeing this guy again I am assured, I think I am hooked but I wont be growing the quiff just yet.

Set List : This Charming Man Billy Budd Black Cloud How Soon Is Now? Irish Blood, English Heart How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? Girlfriend In A Coma I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed When Last I Spoke To Carol Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others Let Me Kiss You The Loop Something Is Squeezing My Skull Seasick, Yet Still Docked The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores (Not Played) I Keep Mine Hidden Sorry Doesn't Help Ask I'm OK By Myself First Of The Gang To Die


pa said...

Great gig last night-
Here's my photos from last night-

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I'll put the best of them up here

jusk said...

Nice setlist, looking forward to catching something similar myself later this month in Manchester!

Generic Viagra said...

Excellent videos, looks like it was an excellent show, these guys always provide an outstanding live show.

White Suit said...

Great vocal hymm. im looking for the next gig.

Anonymous said...

I was there, great night. Will he be back later this year?jim