Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fred Live At Dolans, 08/04/2009 REVIEW

Fred played last night as part of  Mary I's monthly gig nights. First i heard of monthly gig nights but not being a Mary I student would explain that.
There were two support bands one of which was direct from Mary I and went by the name of "The Hot Electric". They seem to do mainly covers with a few originals thrown into the mix. Only caught the end of their set, their cover of Led Zepplin would make most cover bands quit right now. Well worth checking them out if you get a chance. Check out their bebo page here 
The second support act of the night came from Canadian Treasa LeVasseur.  Crazy soul music is the only way to describe this girl. She was armed with a piano and a soul guitarist by the name of David Baxter. Check her out here
On came the main act FRED! I had witnessed the band only 2 months ago as part of the belltable unfringed festival(Check out the review here night was all acoustic and I have been listening to their new release "Go God Go" on constant since then. Tonight saw their songs turn into a different beast altogether and Fred electric is a must see. I would love to find someone that could sit through last nights gig without moving and jumping like a loon. Their music just makes you feel great and the band themselves are so lovable too. The album is just amazing and its worth a purchase just to make you smile alone. Not alone had I seen the lads a few weeks ago now ill be set to see them this Sunday aswell!
I had awful trouble trying to get tickets for Munsters Quarter final against Ospreys in Thomond Park for this Sunday. I got a pair eventually, I didnt go in search of tickets the way fred did!Fred will just waltz right in there this weekend as they are the first band to grace the hallowed turf! They have been invited to play 3 songs this weekend prior to the Heineken Cup clash as the munster lads warm up. What an Honour! Speaking last night they all seemed pretty giddy about it  and why wouldnt they. They are clearly Munster fans, the last gig I was at the lead singer wore a Munster hat and last night saw them drape a huge Munster flag over the keyboard.
The Lead Guitarist sang a type of rap/story which included stories of  dreaming about playing in thomond park and also croke park if we make the Semi-Finals. The band are so down to earth and are a really nice bunch. They are the perfect band to play thomond as the band are made up of all corners of Munster. Limerick,Cork and Kerry are represented within the band.
The set mainly drew from their new release and they included a fantastic cover of ELO's Mr. Blue Sky. The crowd clearly enjoyed the more radio played hits and my personal favourite of the night had to be "Running", which also was dedicated to Jerry Flannery!
You have to check this guys out live they are just amazing. Thanks for another great night!
Set List: Good One Death Damn You Lights Are With Us Keep Me Clear The Lights 4 Chords Mr. Blue Sky (ELO Cover) Running Summer Fear Encore: Capitol Song Skyscrapers

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