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Dirty Pretty Things Live@Dolans 02/06/08 Review

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( Cheers Again Man!)

Free Bands, Free Beer and Free t-shirts what more could you ask for from a gig??
Last Monday saw Dolan’s Warehouse transform into some sort of Green Heineken Arena and no expense was spared.
What hit you right away was the time and effort into this transformation green lighting everywhere in the shape of green balls, fairy lights and strip lighting.
Projector screens filled the walls of the warehouse showing various images and also the bands performances plus crowd shots, various flat screen TV's were plotted around the place and a full fridge of Heineken to get through for free.
The first occupant on stage was a singer songerwriter dude called Kieran Leonard (Cross between Jeff Buckley/Eddie Vedder/Bon Iver). He warmed the crowd nicely and was seen later on stage playing with the main act.

Supermodel Twins were then to embark on the stage but wait who are these loons it was Walter Mitty and the Realists (Some sort of a reschedule).
They really got the crowd going with some surreal tunes and some crazy titles such as “My inner child’s a drum kit”. The lead singer Niall sure is animated and makes you tired just watching the guy(Cross Between The Automatic and a wild Panda). They went on to play a rip roaring set and set the scene for the evening.
Then the main act loomed just as the Heineken fridge was emptying Carl Barat waltzed on stage wielding a bottle of Jemison and a bottle of coke. He drank straight from the bobba all night and it didnt seem to faze him one bit.

Dirty Pretty Things seemed to be really tight and played quite a lot from both old and new albums. “Bang Bang you’re Dead” being the highlight as the crowd went completely nuts to the trumpet intro. The crowd wasnt as crazy as I had anticipated, maybe this was due to the freeness of the gig and true DPT fans werent able to get tickets and music fans alike however the night sure was a great one, Cheers Heineken & Dolans.

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To cap a great evening off I met the band in Dolans, really nice guys then went on to meet Carl Barat again in Costello’s Tavern, How Cool

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