Monday, June 16, 2008

Supergrass Live Elysée Montmartre, Paris 12/06/08 REVIEW

I found myself in Paris for the second time last weekend, the intention of once again visiting all the tourist hot spots and I did do just that including Jim Morrison’s Grave which was really interesting. Anyhow I found myself in Montemartre on Thursday night and looking at this old building called Elysée Montmartre also designed by Gustaf Eiffel. The building was surrounded by hoards of people, then I realised it was a gig they were waiting for. Two touts tickets later I too was waiting for Supergrass.
The building inside was something else, just beautiful. The support act came on called Mida and the Medicine Show. An interesting band well able to produce a great sound and keep the crowd entertained.
I was still trying to figure how this all was happening; it was like a mad dream. Supergrass came on to great applause and went straight into a track from their new album called “Diamond Hoo Ha Man”. They told the crowd it was their first gig in Paris for three years.
The lighting they had setup was amazing projecting words of the songs plus images and live streaming of the concert.
The set list included new and old and the place was buzzing from start to finish. The crowd were an interesting bunch think Costello’s on a Saturday night just in French le Costello! Supergrass are one to catch live and amazingly enough ill see them again as I secured tickets for the Cois Farriage Festival in Kilkee this September. (Details here
Check out the video I took down the bottom of St.Peterburg, Cheers.

Set List :
Diamond Hoo Ha Man
Bad Blood
She’s So Loose
Late In The Day
Rebel In You
Ghost Of A Friend
Brecon Beacons
St Petersburg (Video Below)
Richard III
Sun Hits The Sky
Pumping On Your Stereo

Encore :
Next To You
Caught By The Fuzz

Supergrass - St. Petersburg Live Elysee Montmartre,Paris


IndieLimerick said...

Bootleg of the gig here

topcoat said...

I didn't know this band honestly..