Monday, June 9, 2008

Radiohead Live Malahide Castle,Dublin 07/06/08 Review

I went!
2 and a bit hours of magic happened in the grounds of Malahide Castle last Saturday, Radiohead were on their second night of their extensive European tour. First of all what an amazing place to have a gig, such a great relaxed atmosphere, everyone was lying out enjoying the sun with pint in hand.
The support act came on around half seven “Bat for Lashes”. This female fronted band sounded a bit like Portishead/Goldfrappish and added if anything to the chilled vibe of the castle grounds. Radiohead began around half nine and I got exactly what it said on the tin.
Radiohead are truly one of the best live acts in the world and are in no doubt of the best bands in music history.
The set list was made up of mainly “In Rainbows” with some oldies played for good measure in the form of “Idioteque”, “There There” and “Planet Telex” and many more.
Thom seemed really relaxed and seemed to be really enjoying the night and the crowd. The sound was unreal and just blew me away completely. Every little detail was first class from the lighting to the music. Thom’s Eyes shut and head shaking, his every move provoking screams of delirium in the crowd as he runs through “In Rainbow” Numbers.
There is no band in the world like them and the quality is untouchable live. They played “there there” and went off and the crowd stood there confident of a return, I was also confident of at least 3 or four more songs.
They returned to blast out 8 more classics including a brand new song played by Thom alone on the piano.
This gig was amazing and I am so glad I can tick them off my “Band to see before I Die List”

Set List:
1. 15 Step
2. Bodysnatchers
3. Airbag
4. Bangers and Mash
5. Nude
6. Pyramid Song
7. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
8. The Gloaming
9. National Anthem
10. Faust Arp
11. Videotape
12. Optimistic
13. Where I End and You Begin
14. Reckoner
15. Everything In Its Right Place
16. All I Need
17. There There

18. Exit Music (for a film)
19. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
20. Climbing Up The Walls
21. Planet Telex
22. How To Disappear Completely

23. Supercollider (New Song)
24. You And Whose Army?
25. Idioteque

My Own Video
Radiohead - end of "Climbing up the walls" & All of "Planet Telex",
Malahide Castle 07/06/08

Radiohead 6th June 2008 Dublin - Idioteque


Anonymous said...

It was a great show, well worth a few hours drive!

Anonymous said...

it was so beautiful it made my heart ache

IndieLimerick said...

Bootleg of the gig here :